Brandy Clevenger

In September 2010, I first heard of this Crazy Wrap Thing from my sister-in-law. She had tried it and called to tell me all about her results. She knew I was looking for a way to make some extra income from home so I could hopefully be able to stay at home with our new baby. 
Even though I was very skeptical, I started asking "What if this worked?" "What if people really did want it?" I jumped in and prayed that this would allow us to make a few extra hundred dollars a month! God put an opportunity in front of us and we couldn’t pass it up! We took the leap of faith and started! It was gradually working for us, I was making “enough” within 6 months to quit working full-time and got a part-time position a few months later as a school counselor. I was settling for the extra I was bringing in each month as a Ruby (avg. $599 a month) with this, it was paying my way through graduate school. A part of me knew I could do more, but I was just content and making excuses that I did not have time.

UNTIL the company announced their goals to help people become Debt Free! This is what we were looking for! They announced the $10,000 Get Out of Debt bonus in January 2012, while I was pregnant with our 2nd! Our insurance did not cover maternity coverage and we needed that! We had been working on getting out of debt and were praying for a way to be able to pay off all the medical bills that would soon be rolling in. God had answered our prayers! I was going to do this, I was determined to get out of my way, and really sharing this Crazy Wrap Thing! In April 2012, the same month our baby girl was born, I reached Diamond with our company and earned the $10,000 bonus! I then devoted my time to working with my team and getting myself back in shape! I wanted to look and feel good again! Within 6 months I went from a size 12 to a size 4 and feel healthier than I ever have in my life!

We are helping more and more people get healthier, pay off their own debt and enjoying every minute of this journey! The money has been great but there is nothing better than the FREEDOM of time! My husband and I both are now home with our kids, not having to work full-time jobs but our income has more than tripled! God has blessed us way beyond what we could ever imagine! We are creating a legacy for our children, showing them we can become completely DEBT FREE before they are even in school, and give graciously to the LORD what He has blessed us with!

And just to think it all started with a $99 starter kit! It has changed our life!

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